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Thursday, December 23

Couples at Odds Over Tough Love

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See Larry’s and expert Dr. Stacy Kaiser’s assessment of the situation

Parenting might be the hardest job on the planet, but when partners disagree on how to discipline their children, it becomes that much more difficult. The guests on today’s show are at odds over whether to use tough love on their children:


After son Anthony was diagnosed with ADHD and Occupational Defiance Disorder, parents Ralph and Kim knew that he would require special attention and discipline. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to agree on how to discipline Anthony – Ralph believes in rigid rules while Kim tends to be more lenient. Kim also worries that she doesn’t have time to excessively discipline Anthony since she is busy tending to their other four children. See Larry’s and expert Dr. Stacy Kaiser’s assessment of the situation in this clip.


15-year old Quinnin was sent to stay with his uncle Felix after he was arrested for punching his mother, Mary. Quinnin had also been skipping school, running with gangs and physically fighting with his siblings. What differentiates him from many other troubled teens is that he recognizes the dangerous path he is on and wants to better his life. Though Mary wants him to return to her house, Larry suggested he stay with his uncle Felix until he graduates from high school since Felix has a better track record with successfully disciplining Quinnin.

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