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Thursday, January 6

Staying Together for the Kids


Larry tries to make Clint accountable for his actions.

If a marriage is failing, is it better to put on a happy face for the children or separate for sanity’s sake? That’s the question Larry poses to today’s young couples who are on the brink of divorce but still holding on. Find out what happened below:


Imagine being married to someone that you believe is a pathological liar. Welcome to Erica’s world – she thinks that Clint is not capable of telling the truth even when he wants to. She also suspects him of cheating, even though Clint insists he has been faithful since they’ve been married. Video Clip: Larry tries to make Clint accountable for his actions. Though Clint wants to work it out for the sake of their daughter, Ericia says she just can’t subject her daughter to an unhappy relationship. Expert Stacy Kaiser counseled the couple, saying that Clint and Ericia have assumed the roles of child and parent. To turn things around, Clint will need to take responsibility and stop hiding behind lies.


Even though Lavon’s family tried to warn her away from Jermaine at the start of their courtship, Lavon wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. She says that Jermaine has now embodied everything her family was concerned about, from cheating to laziness to stealing. Jermaine wants Lavon to give him another chance because he loves her and their child too much to lose them. Expert Stacy Kaiser advised Jermaine that he is betraying the woman who fought her family for him and needs to quit cheating if he wants to keep her.


When the going gets tough, Renne gets going. Lycia says that he will constantly leave for days at a time when they are having trouble. The couple married and had a daughter at a very young age and it’s been a rocky road full of suspicion since. Expert Stacy Kaiser suggested that outside help is a necessity, with Renne taking anger management classes to deal with his feelings and both of them going through parenting classes and couples counseling.

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