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Thursday, January 13

My Spouse Spends Too Much Money On the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a time of peace and giving, but overspending on gifts has driven a wedge between today’s couples. Can they resolve their financial differences and emerge in the black? Find out below:


For a down payment on a car or home, $8000 is a reasonable sum to spend. However, when it’s spent on Christmas gifts, many may think that amount is excessive – but not Donita! Donita’s husband Von has a major issue with the way Donita displays her generosity at the holidays: paying rent and car notes for friends and buying laptops for their toddler-aged children. Donita defends herself by saying that Christmas was not about gift-giving during her childhood and she wants to treat herself and others. Financial expert Judy Lawrence urged Donita to supplement gifts with other types of giving, such as spending more time with loved ones or doing good deeds.


Seth committed the ultimate “husband sin” this holiday – he neglected to buy his wife Cindy a gift. He also takes issue with Judy’s spending on gifts (though it was a relatively modest $200), saying that Christmas should be about the birth of Christ. Cindy says she can’t understand why Seth has to be such a “Scrooge” and that she wants the privilege of giving presents to loved ones. Expert Judy Lawrence suggested they reach a compromise by forming new family traditions that not only center around giving, but also togetherness.


Troy and Sheri are preparing to walk down the aisle, but Troy says Sheri’s shop-a-holic tendencies are giving him pause. Sheri admits she has a shopping problem but says that she has managed to stay out of debt. During the holidays, Sheri’s spending and Troy’s frustration reached a peak. Expert Judy Lawrence advised the couple to sit down and form a joint budget so that they each feel invested in their financial well-being.

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