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Thursday, January 20

Can Money Buy Happiness?


Curtis talks about his relative fame and fortune while it lasted.

According to, one-third of U.S. citizens think winning the lottery is the only way to become financially secure in life. On the surface, winning the lottery may seem like the end-all-and-be-all of happiness, but for today’s guests, the money influx had the opposite effect on their lives. Learn their stories below:


Sheryel thought she and her husband Chrisna would be on top of the world after winning $75 million in their state’s Powerball lottery, but the money has instead driven them to divorce. Besides the deterioration of their relationship, the money has also led to constant panhandling from strangers and relatives and problems for their children. Though they’ve now been able to buy a beautiful home and expensive cars, Sheryel says she would take back the experience if she could.


The first time Curtis bought a lottery ticket, he won $5.6 million! For a while, Curtis was on cloud nine, splurging on shopping sprees, limos, lavish gifts and fancy cars. Video Clip: Curtis talks about his relative fame and fortune while it lasted. These days, Curtis’ money is entirely gone, but he still holds a positive outlook on the experience. He agrees that money cannot buy happiness but is happy he had a chance to live the dream.


Ms. Mona has experienced her share of financial hardship in life trying to raise ten children on a meager income. However, Ms. Mona says she couldn’t be happier. She believes that happiness has no monetary value attached and it’s more important to be rich in morals. To help out Ms. Mona and her family, Larry surprised Mona with several gifts from generous vendors in her area.

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