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Thursday, February 10

Amazing Survival Stories


Watch the emotional reunion between April and her hero.

Today’s guests prove that the human spirit is resilient and brave with their remarkable stories of survival against the odds. Find out more below:


What started as an idyllic Thailand vacation ended in terror and tragedy for David and Sandi, who were on the beach when the tsunami hit. The couple videotaped the natural disaster before running for shelter. Now back in the United States, David and Sandi say that spending time in the refugee camp was an unforgettable testament to the generosity and resilience of the Thai population.


Sunil and Janesri are another married couple that weathered the tsunami. During a peaceful beachfront dinner in Sri Lanka, they and their two children were overcome by the wave but used their instincts to survive. Both of them say they experienced inhuman strength when it came to protecting their children from the power of the water. They say they now feel a renewed sense of family and fulfillment in life.


Last month’s La Conchita mudslide killed ten people and left many others homeless. Thanks to Bill Harbison, April Bernal says she was able to emerge from the natural disaster alive. April was trapped in her house when the mudslide hit and rescued by Bill after he heard her screams. Video Clip: Watch the emotional reunion between April and her “hero.” Though Bill is being heralded as a local hero, he says he views himself as just doing his duty as a good neighbor and a nurse.


A snowboarding trip to Mammoth Mountain, CA, last February changed Eric LeMarque’s life forever. After losing visibility, he became lost in the wilderness and was stuck for eight days with no food or water. Eric says the only thing that kept him going was the sound of his now-wife Sheri’s voice in his head. Though Eric’s feet had to be amputated upon rescue because of gangrene, he says he is now happier than he’s ever been and plans on resuming snowboarding with the help of prosthetics.


Best friends Trace and Ben were avid snowmobile aficionados who spent a lot of time at their favorite snow destination, so they were understandably shocked when it was ravaged by an avalanche. The snow overcame Ben, burying him in six feet of snow for 15 minutes. Thanks to their safety beacons, Trace was able to locate Ben and save his life.

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