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Thursday, February 17

Adult Sibling Rivalry


Kathleen’s daughter Amber proves the voice of reason.

The words “sibling rivalry” conjure images of sparring children and teens, but for some families, childhood rivalries continue well into adulthood. Letting go of painful comparisons and past arguments can be a tough challenge to surmount, as today’s guests know all too well. Read their stories below:


After ten years of silence, Kathleen is hoping to finally break the ice and long-standing rivalry with her brother John. While growing up, Kathleen believed that her parents viewed John as the golden child and felt unloved as a result. She also thinks that John has turned against her because of her sexual and racial preferences and wants him to accept her for who she is. On the flip side, John wants Kathleen to stop holding on to the past so tightly and admit that she has wronged him as well. Video Clip: Kathleen’s daughter Amber proves the voice of reason. Larry suggested that Kathleen and John write each other letters with all of their feelings and opinions so that they can fully say everything that need to express and move on.


19-year-old Malencia says that she resents the way 25-year-old Malisha is constantly mothering her and giving unsolicited advice. After a comment their mother Zoe once made about wishing Malencia was more like Malisha, Malencia has always felt stuck in her sister’s shadow. She now hopes to break free and make her own decisions without being judged by Malisha and Zoe. Malencia admits having nurturing tendencies toward Malisha but says she only looks out for her out of love.

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