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Thursday, February 24

A Family Intervention: Saving the Arnolds


Will Darian stop making excuses and own up to his problem?

Drug addiction has ravaged and divided the formerly happy “All-American” Arnold family. After a series of traumatic events, Darian turned to crack cocaine to deal with his problems. His family members approach Larry today in an attempt to save a life-saving intervention. Read more below:


Darian says his drug addiction started shortly after his dad passed away and his wife left him for another man. Losing his best friend and his life partner was too much to handle for Darian, who has been abusing crack cocaine ever since. His sisters Julie and Christin say they want to give him a wakeup call not only for his own sake, but the sake of his four children. Christin is currently raising Darian’s kids and says they deserve to see their father in a healthy, stable state. Video Clip: Will Darian stop making excuses and own up to his problem?


Darian’s mother Gene says that Darian has stolen money and jewelry from her in the quest for more drugs. Though Darian is still staying at her home, Gene has moved in with Christin because she can’t take it anymore. Gene acknowledges that the death of her husband was especially hard on Darian, but says sthat he cannot continue abusing drugs if he wants to be part of her life.


Gene’s grandson Jack is another member of the Arnold family who has dealt with serious drug addiction. His mother was a lifetime drug user and, consequently, Jack was born with a drug problem. Though Jack is four months sober, he is currently living with Darian at Gene’s house and the family fears he may relapse.

As a start to cleaner living, Larry offered Darian and Jack a free evaluation and 28-day rehabilitation at Lakeview Health Center in their home state of Florida. Stay posted to the show and the site for updates on this family’s situation.

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For more information about Lakeview Health Center, call 1-800-511-9225 or visit:

If you need help overcoming drug addiction, please call the Recovery Connection at 1-800-99-DETOX.