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Thursday, March 10

Listen To Your Elder: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

All couples go through trials and tribulations. For some, the obstacles make their relationships stronger; for others, they tear them apart. Today’s couples are at a crossroads after tough circumstances and want Larry’s advice on whether to stay together. Learn about their stories below:


Veron and Ramella entered their relationship under false pretenses, with Veron failing to mention to Ramella that he was still living with his ex-girlfriend. Coupled with Veron’s past instances of infidelity, Ramella isn’t sure whether she should walk down the aisle as planned, especially after intercepting a recent text message on his phone that said “I’m waiting for you…naked.” Larry surmised that Veron is most likely not ready to accept the responsibilities of being a husband and father to their future child..


This married couple is in a catch-22: Brigette admits to depriving her husband Robert of sex when he disappoints her, but Robert says that he will start cheating again if their sex life doesn’t improve. Complicating matters is Brigette’s frustration at Robert’s alleged alcohol problem and the fact that he refuses to give up drinking. Guest expert Stacy Kaiser advised the couple that both must make sacrifices for their relationship to survive: Brigette by being intimate even though she is hesitant and Robert by cutting down his drinking significantly.


Tamisha says that her ex-fiance Steven’s behavior has her on the verge of a nervous breakdown. His frequent cheating and lax parenting approach is a constant bone of contention for the couple, and Tamisha desperately wants Steven to remarry her and step up as a father to their child. Larry consoled Tamisha but suggested that she may be better off single than with someone who clearly doesn’t want to commit to her.

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