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Thursday, March 17

“Wives Give Their Husbands Ultimatums to Change Or Get Out”

The drama “Desperate Housewives” has struck a chord with millions of American women, including today’s guests. They feel that they’re bearing the brunt of the responsibility in their relationships and are imploring their husbands today to make a positive change. Learn more about their stories below:

Nathan and Leah are at completely opposite ends of the sex drive spectrum. According to Nathan, he is constantly raring to go, so he resents the intimacy “schedule” that Leah has set up for them. However, Leah feels the schedule is extremely generous given her numerous responsibilities in the home and at work. As the major breadwinner, Leah is stressed out because she feels that Nathan is too immature to keep a job and too willing to leave things on her shoulders.

Guest expert Stacy Kaiser counseled the couple, saying that Leah may have lost respect for Nathan and that healthy limits need to be set as far as each person’s contributions.


Despite being married to William for eight years, Kimberly says she can’t remember a time when William helped her out at home. Though both of them have full-time school and work schedules, Kimberly feels she is the only one helping the kids with homework and doing the housecleaning. Adding salt to the wound was William's assertion that he “loves his video games more than her.” Larry acknowledged the couple’s busy lives and suggested they get away once a week to discuss issues and spend time alone.

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