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Thursday, March 31

"Families Fighting For Custody"

Today’s guests are caught in bitter custody battles and struggling to keep their children out of the crossfire. Find out more about their stories below:

Though Pierre and Angela were once engaged and have three children together, they now can’t even stand to be in the same room. Complicating matters is the fact that Angela is now with Pierre’s former friend Royce. Angela says that Pierre has neglected to pay child support for six months, while Pierre is resentful at Angela’s betrayal and his lack of quality time with the children. Larry advised the trio that the badmouthing and childish behavior must stop for the sake of the children, while guest expert Stacy Kaiser added that Angela must give the children more time with Pierre in a peaceful home environment.


In a custody battle that has spanned six years, the He family and the Baker family have been at constant odds. Jerry and Louise Baker originally agreed to foster Jack and Casey Hes’ infant daughter Anna for 90 days, but at the end of the foster period, the Hes asked the Bakers to formally adopt Anna. After a year and a half of weekly visitation, the Hes changed their minds and the families have been embroiled in a well-publicized custody fight ever since. Though the Hes are still trying to get Anna back, Jerry and Louise say Anna is living a happy life and that they plan to inform her of her heritage and birth parents.

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