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Thursday, April 7

"Spouses Say: Do Your Share or Else!"

Today’s guests say that different approaches on home, career and family are tearing their relationships apart. Read more about their stories below:

Elves say that Sharonda expects him to bring home the bacon – and cook it too! He says that he is stuck being the breadwinner and doing the housework while Sharonda just talks on the phone all day. Sharonda paints a different picture of the situation, saying that that she does contribute at home but it’s never good enough for Elves. She also pointed out that Elves’ drinking and physical fighting tendencies are becoming a major issue in their relationship. Guest expert Stacy Kaiser pointed out that Elves is battering Sharonda and he must seek anger management counseling in order to move in a positive direction.


On the surface, William and Tonya have a seemingly “picture perfect” life, but in reality, Tonya says they have anything but. William’s long hours at work leave Tonya resentful and depressed, wishing he’d devote more time to family life. However, William says that, for the past four years, Tonya has never expressed these concerns and that he can’t address them if he doesn’t know they exist. Stacy Kaiser advised Tonya that, as a wife, it is her duty to share her expectations and frustrations with William if she yearns for change.

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