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Thursday, October 7, 2004

Estranged Families

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See the tribute to Sydney.

Whether it’s a seemingly simple argument or the deepest of dilemmas, conflict can sometimes tear a family apart irreparably. Larry knows firsthand – he went almost 10 years without speaking to his father before making amends. On today’s show, Larry strives to help families in a similar situation find peace and forgiveness before it’s too late:


The rifts in this family are multi-layered: daughter Sheila no longer speaks to her siblings Jody or Carol, while mother Carolyn is also trying to mend a 28-year silence with daughter Carol. The reasons? Sheila had a physical altercation with sister Carol after their father died in 1998, while Jody and she stopped talking after she wrote a nasty letter when he charged her $1,000 for a $500 horse. Now Sheila is ready to resume contact and forgive, but Jody and Carol are hesitant. Carol is also having a tough time forgiving their mother Carolyn, whose former struggles with alcohol drove Carol away permanently. Larry encouraged the family to put their differences in the past and move forward with a clean slate.


This remarkable story continued to unfold even after the Ethridge family had left the studio. The background: sisters Toi and Tiffani appeared on the show to implore their brother Sydney to reconcile with their father James, who is dying of liver and kidney disease. Sydney was having a hard time forgiving his father for losing the family business and using drugs for several years, while his sisters believed that Sydney was too focused on money and that he needed to re-embrace his family relationships.

In an effort to unite the Ethridges, Larry offered to pay for Sydney to travel to San Diego and spend time with James and the rest of the family. That night, Sydney and James were able to apologize and catch up on each others’ lives. Sadly, Sydney unexpectedly passed away in his sleep that night. The Ethridges say that they are grateful to have had the chance to reconcile before this tragic turn of events. Watch the show’s video tribute to this amazing man.


Although they all live under the same roof, sisters Erma and Cynthia have had a long-standing feud with their sister Griselda, who feels like the “black sheep” of the family. Erma and Cynthia disapprove of Griselda’s choice to be a stripper and think she should spend more time tending to her 2-year-old son. Griselda says it is her only way of supporting him despite the fact they still live with her mother. Larry encouraged Griselda to believe in herself and take advantage of the fact that she lives at home to save money and go back to school.

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