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Thursday, October 14, 2004

An Age Difference is Ruining Our Relationship

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Though celebrities like Demi and Ashton have made May/December relationships fashionable, these relationships don’t always pan out in the real world. Cases in point: the guests on today’s show, who say that the age differences between them are wreaking havoc in their relationships. Find out what they have to say below:


After a year of marriage, 21-year-old Aubrey has cheated on 34-year-old Tom three times. Her defense? That she feels she was cheated out of the “single life” as a teen mom and that Tom doesn’t pay enough attention to her. Aubrey is now pregnant again and not sure who the father is, but Tom says he is still committed to working things out despite Aubrey’s infidelity. See Larry’s and expert Dr. Stacy Kaiser’s advice in this video clip.


Frank, 39, and Tracie, 23, are faithful to each other but are at an impasse because of their age difference. Frank wants Tracie to grow up and act like a responsible adult, while Tracie feels Frank treats her like a child. She also says that the passion has disappeared from their relationship and worries that Frank is past his sexual prime. They both acknowledge that marriage is a possibility but want to work out their issues first.


Though 46-year-old Rhea and 21-year-old Alex fell in love at first sight, the swept-away feeling quickly faded when Alex cheated on Rhea with two different women. Alex tried to keep his affairs secret, but Rhea was able to find out by spying on his cell phone messages. Now Alex says he is ready to be with Rhea and wants her to know that he has matured, but Rhea is feeling fragile and skeptical. They are still living together but Rhea warns that she may break it off.

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