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Thursday, October 20, 2004

Listen to Your Elder: Families Ask for Larry's Help in Resolving a Dispute

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See why Matt doesn't want Julie to get breast implants.

Conflict often requires an objective third party to help find resolution – enter Larry Elder! In today’s “Listen to Your Elder” show, Larry helps families who are seeking advice on long-standing disputes. Find out more about their stories and Larry’s final word below:


Is living your dreams through your children acceptable? Today’s guest Mona doesn’t think so. She says that her friend Paula is an overzealous stage mom and wants her to have more consideration for her kids’ wishes. Paula admits to pushing her children to succeed but says that she has made a lot of sacrifices to help them do so. She also maintains that performing is what the children want; otherwise, she says they would refuse to do it.

" Listen to Your Elder"– Larry’s Take: After consulting with Minor Consideration, an advocacy organization for young performers, Larry felt that Paula’s behavior was a form of psychological chlld abuse. From special diets to skipping school to being the sole family breadwinners, Paula’s children have an intense pressure on them that could deprive them of a normal childhood.


Julie says her husband won’t allow her to have the one thing in the world that she desperately wants – breast implants. Since her two pregnancies, her breast size has deflated from a “C” cup to an “A” cup and Julie has lost her confidence and sex drive as a result. Matt refuses to let Julie have the operation for financial and health considerations, but Julie points out that he managed to find the funds to buy a $5,000 4-wheeler. Video Clip: Larry gets to the bottom of why Matt really doesn’t want Julie to get implants!

" Listen To Your Elder" -- Larry’s Take: Larry felt that Julie should have the right to get breast implants but that she should take the time to research the risks. He asked Matt to realize that Julie’s improved self-esteem will have a positive effect on their relationship that outweighs the cost and minimal health risks.


Milland has worked hard to move her family from the projects and create a better life for her daughter Marissa. Unfortunately, Marissa is having a difficult time accepting her mother’s decision because Milland refuses to let her visit her friends, who still reside in their old neighborhood. Though Milland would like to make Marissa happy, she says the danger inherent in spending time in the projects is too great to subject Marissa to.

“ Listen To Your Elder” – Larry’s Take: Larry predicts that in six to eight months, Marissa will have adjusted to her new surroundings and made new friends. He also encouraged Marissa to understand and appreciate that her mother is looking out for her best interests.

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