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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wives Confront Their Husbands About Being Horrible Dads

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Larry sits Freddie down for a heart-to-heart.

The women on today’s show say that their husbands are not fulfilling the role they signed up for – fatherhood. Can today’s guests reclaim their responsibility to their children? See below for their stories:


Freddie refuses to help his wife Jessica with the kids or the housework, saying that he works hard all day and needs to relax while at home. Along with tending to the kids, Jessica is expected to have dinner on the table and a clean house waiting for Freddie every night. Freddie admits to his behavior and says that he doesn’t always enjoy spending time with his wife and daughters. Larry asked Freddie to attempt to recognize Jessica’s contributions and that she can’t do it all by herself.

Web Exclusive: “During the Break” – Larry has a heart-to-heart with Freddie.


Despite having five kids to care for, Carlos often stays out with his friends until all hours of the night and even sleeps in the driveway sometimes. Carlos’ wife Leslie says that his absence is taking a toll not only on her, but the children as well. The kids often ask Leslie why Carlos doesn’t want to spend time with them, which breaks her heart and infuriates her. At Larry’s request, their daughter Erykah joined them onstage and implored Carlos to spend more time with their family.


After his wife left him, Lloyd gained full custody of his two children and now takes great pride in being a single parent. Working full-time and caring for the kids leaves Lloyd with little time for a social life, so Larry offered to give Lloyd a night off and babysit for him! Lloyd gave some fathering advice to the panel and left them with this thought: “It takes a boy to make a kid, but it takes a man to raise them.”


Gina’s daughters Amanda and Krista feel despondent because they feel their father Mike makes no effort to spend time with them. They say that the time they do spend with him is spent fighting, but they are afraid to bring up their real concerns to Mike for fear of making him madder. Larry provided them a forum to talk to Mike in a phone interview where Mike agreed to hear Amanda and Krista out.

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