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Thursday, November 4, 2004

“Raising Kids to Be Racist”

The beauty of America is that its citizens are entitled to voice their own beliefs, even when they are unpopular, inaccurate or hurtful. However, when parents impose racist views on their children, they are perpetuating racism and abusing their power on innocent minds. See how the stories of today’s guests fit into this frightening scenario:

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Michael explains his objections to the African-American race.


In Alisha’s world, all white people are “sneaky, conniving liars” and should be kept away from her 10-year-old son Hayven. Alisha openly says that she will never allow Hayven to be with a white woman. Though she knows Hayven may associate with whites at school, Alisha will never let it happen in her own home. After Hayven broke down in tears and said that he didn’t quite see the world through his mother’s eyes, Alisha relented and agreed to re-think her perspective.

Michael is fiercely against blacks, Jews and homosexuals -- and not afraid to share his controversial views. Condemning inner-city violence, Michael says he moved away from Chicago to escape the diversity. He longs for the return of segregation. Despite his staunch racist beliefs, Michael was unable to impart them on his daughter, who at age 18 became pregnant with a black man’s baby. He has not spoken to her for 10 years. Video Clip: See Michael defend his views to Larry “during the break.”

Susie says she doesn’t have anything against black people - only the black people who want to date her daughter Tiffany. To Tiffany’s dismay, Susie firmly believes people should date within their race and disapproves of her relationship with Darin, a 21-year-old black man. Tiffany has chosen to live with Darin despite her mother’s disapproval but wants to mend the fences between them.

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