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Thursday, November 11

Why Aren't You Accountable?

In our litigious society, eyebrows are often raised at what some consider frivolous lawsuits. Today’s guests say their lives have been altered by negative experiences with corporations and schools and are pursuing lawsuits as a result. Are the lawsuits warranted? You be the judge:

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Larry shares his own gambling experiences with Virginia.


Virginia first admitted her gambling problem when she lost $15,000 within six months. In an attempt to curb her gambling, Virginia placed herself on Michigan’s “Disassociated Persons” list, which in theory bans her from all casinos in the state. However, Virginia said that for three years, she was allowed to continue gambling and lost $300,000 in the interim. Having enlisted her attorney Blaise, Virginia is suing the casino for not making more effort to keep her out of the facility.

“During the Break” Web Exclusive: Larry shares his own gambling experiences with Virginia.


As a result being kicked out of high school at age 15, Adam says he has been robbed of normal teen experiences like prom and a good education. Though he was busted for doing marijuana twice, the now 20-year-old says the two drug tests were too close together and the THC hadn’t left his system from the first time. Adam and his father Mitch believe his expulsion was unfair and that the school should’ve put up funds for an alternative school. They are now suing the board of education.


Trina is an angry consumer who feels she was mistreated by Southwest Airlines and is now suing them on the basis of humiliation. Trina was treated rudely by agents and told at the last minute that she would have to purchase an extra seat because of her weight, despite the fact that her children were sitting on either side of her and did not mind. With her lawsuit, Trina is hoping to secure better accommodations for and treatment of heavy people on planes.


Patricia has been awarded a multi-million dollar settlement from Phillip Morris. She began smoking at a young age before there were warning labels on cigarettes and was unaware of the risks involved. Years ago, she became concerned about the health effects of smoking and called the Phillip Morris hotline. Instead of being warned that smoking can cause cancer, Patricia was told to switch to smoking lights. Now she hopes to teach the industry a lesson with her lawsuit. Though her case is still in appeals, Patricia plans to start a non-profit organization for children when she receives the money.

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