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Thursday, November 18

“Confronting an Unfaithful Mate”

Today’s couples are open about their cheating pasts but not sure if they can make things work in the present or future. In hopes of reconciling, they have approached Larry to help them recover their trust and talk their issues out further. Learn about their stories below:


Maryann talks about the heart surgery incident and Natasha shares her reaction.


Though Jason and Tara are preparing to walk down the aisle, Tara is having a hard time moving past Jason’s affair with her best friend. Jason initiated the affair as retaliation for Tara’s cheating with his worst enemy while Jason was in jail. Tara admits to having her own affair but maintains that she was vulnerable and lonely in Jason’s absence.

Besides the affair with her best friend, Tara suspects Jason of having at least two other affairs. Until she finds out the truth, Tara says she can’t trust Jason to be a loyal husband and father to her two kids. Larry and guest expert Stacy Kaiser recommended that Tara stop letting Jason walk all over her and work on her self-esteem. Stacy Kaiser added that she doesn’t sense any remorse in Jason’s behavior and that he needs to recognize that he hurt her before they can repair their relationship.


Michelle first caught wind of Paul’s cheating when he strayed with a neighbor in their apartment complex during her pregnancy. She asked him to leave but he soon came back begging forgiveness. Paul’s second affair has been ever harder for the couple to overcome. While in rehab, Paul conducted an affair with a fellow rehab patient, who now says that he impregnated her. Though the couple doesn’t know whether Paul’s rehab mistress was telling the truth, Michelle can no longer trust Paul and keeps a tight rein on his whereabouts. Expert Stacy Kaiser talked with the couple and asked Michelle to cut him some slack so they can gradually return to normalcy.

Listen to Your Elder:

When James married Maryanne despite her family’s wishes, her children Ali and Natasha were beside themselves. They say they’ve tried to accept James, but his drinking problem and pornography habit are major concerns. The last straw for Natasha and Ali was when James showed up drunk to pick up Maryanne after major heart surgery. James admits to occasional bad behavior and has agreed to work on his drinking problem. Larry advised Maryanne that she must hold James to this promise or leave the relationship. Video Clip: Maryann talks about the heart surgery incident and Natasha shares her reaction.

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