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Tuesday, April 19th

"When Lies Threaten to Destroy a Relationship"

After trust has been broken, where do you begin rebuilding a relationship? Today’s guests find themselves at that crossroads as they determine whether they can overcome past betrayals. Learn more about their stories below:


Jennifer says she is at her wit’s end with her husband Josh’s habitual lying. According to Jennifer, Josh has fabricated stories about everything from how he spends their money to supposed instances of Jennifer’s friends making passes at him. Josh admits to lying but says that he does so out of frustration and to keep Jennifer from nagging him constantly.

Guest expert Stacy Kaiser urged both parties to take responsibility for making the situation better. She suggested that Josh do so by making an effort to be honest despite the consequences and Jennifer do so by staying calm and rational rather than jumping to conclusions.



Trust has steadily declined in this relationship ever since DeMichael’s decision to cheat on Tonya two years ago. Since then, Tonya says that she is frequently suspicious and tends to interrogate DeMichael about where he is going and with whom. Both Tonya and Michael acknowledge that their problems have permeated their sex life and personal life but say they don’t know how to resolve the issue. Stacy Kaiser advised Tonya that she must start acting less like a mother and more like a wife if they are to resuscitate the relationship.

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