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Tuesday, November 30

“Couples in Conflict Over An Ex”


Erin and Kristy give each other the straight truth.

Three is often a crowd, as these couples have learned the hard way. Today’s guests are here to discuss their spouse’s cheating and confront the women they’ve cheated with. Find out their stories below:


Erin and Payton were featured on the show “Should You Forgive After Infidelity?” on November 8, 2004. Payton says he wants to be with his current girlfriend Kristy, while Erin maintains that Payton is still sleeping with her behind Kristy’s back. Since Payton has fathered children with both women, he says it’s been hard to sever ties with Erin while cultivating his relationship with Kristy. Video Clip: Erin and Kristy give each other the straight truth. Family therapist Stacy Kaiser encouraged Payton to start taking responsibility for his actions with both women and own up to his mistakes.


Michelle knows she should give up on her marriage to Wayne because of his incessant cheating, but was raised to believe all relationship issues can and should be worked out for the sake of the family. However, Wayne feels his cheating is justified because he has lost all physical attraction to Michelle since her weight gain of 100 pounds. Larry cautioned Michelle that even if she loses the weight, she must be prepared for the possibility that Wayne’s infidelity will continue.


Anthony is trying to win back Staci’s affections after she learned of his cheating ways and divorced him. The last straw for Staci was when he impregnated two other women while married to her. She admits that she still loves Anthony but is hesitant to reconcile and open old wounds. Family and relationship expert Dr. Roger Rhoades counseled Staci that she needs to let the relationship die a natural death and not hold on to the past.

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