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Tuesday, December 7

“My Family Won’t Accept My Interracial Relationship”


Yael argues with the panel about the reason black men date white women.

Should love be colorblind? The guests on today’s show disagree on that very point and say that interracial relationships are a cause of major rifts within their families. Find out their stories below:


John and April are blissfully happy in their relationship but the disapproval of April’s father Raye is putting a strain on their future plans. Citing community disapproval and personal beliefs as his basis, Raye is doubly concerned since April’s sister is also in an interracial relationship but maintains that he is not a racist. Despite Ray’s objections, April and John have no plans to break up.


As the only man in a family of six women, Grady says that his love life is under constant scrutiny! His family does not approve of his girlfriend Brenda, who is also the mother of his son. Viola, Grady’s sister, specifically feels that a white woman is not strong enough to handle the struggles of most black men. The lone supporter in their family is Grady’s sister Denise, who at one time disagreed with interracial relationships until the untimely death of her son, who was involved with a Mexican woman.


Yael says that other ethnicities such as Jews or Koreans will not compromise their heritage, so why should African-Americans? Currently involved in a relationship with a black man, Yael says she would never date someone of a different race. She believes that interracial relationships taint black culture and that black men too often reject black women. Video Clip: Yael argues with the panel about the reason black men date white women.


Patricia has seen firsthand how prejudice can affect lives, specifically the life of her multi-racial son Jonathan. After Jonathan’s teacher announced to his 7th-grade class that “blacks and whites shouldn’t mix,” Jonathan says he felt unworthy and embarrassed. Patricia is outraged and believes the teacher is insensitive and inappropriate. Larry agreed that it was absolutely wrong for a teacher to impose her separatist views on children.

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