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Tuesday, January 4

“After the Show…(Updates)”


See the lie detector test in action and find out the results!

Ever wonder what happened to some of the most compelling and memorable guests on “Larry?” Find out below:


The first time Nashawn and Darius appeared on the show, these pre-teen brothers were headed down a precarious path. Their parents Tkai and Nathan had contacted Larry in a desperate measure to save the boys from falling deeper into a lifestyle of sex, gangs and drugs.
Tkai and Nathan are now happy to report that Nashawn and Darius have done a complete 180-degree turnaround. The boys are applying themselves in school and improving their behavior.

Larry presented the boys with a desktop from Circuit City, a free year of Internet access from Cablevision and computer training from Holt to encourage them to keep up the good work!


Walter and Penny first came to the show in hopes of resolving a seemingly hopeless situation. Years before she met Walter, Penny had her tubes tied.

Though Walter had assumed guardianship of Penny’s three children, he longed for a biological child of his own. Since the couple was unable to afford a reversal of the surgery, their relationship was at a standstill.

In the last few months, Walter and Penny have been going to couples counseling. They also consulted a reproductive specialist in their hometown, who educated them about the risks and rewards of reversing tubal ligation. To help them afford the surgery, Larry surprised the couple with the news that the show would assist financially.


When they first came to the show, Eddie and Judy were a couple torn apart by suspected infidelity. Eddie was convinced that Judy had slept with his son. His relationship with both his son and Judy was deteriorating – something needed to change. After the show, Judy offered to take a lie detector test to prove her innocence. Video Clip: See the lie detector test in action and find out the results!


Parents Mark and Linda contact Larry because their teens Mark and Matthew were in serious trouble. Linda felt that she’d lost control of the boys and couldn’t handle their out-of-control behavior as a single mother. Since Mark and Linda were divorced, Mark felt that he didn’t have a big enough role in their lives.

Since the show, Mark and Linda have reconciled and are getting re-married in the spring. Mark is making more effort to spend quality time with the boys and Linda says they are showing her more respect. Matthew and Mark say that they are grateful to Larry for giving them a wake-up call!

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