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Tuesday, January 11

Couples Resolving to Heal Their Relationships in the New Year


Bernie proposes a big change for the New Year.

Can today’s couples save their relationships in the New Year? Larry talks with guests who hope to make some serious love resolutions in 2005. Learn more below:


If you can’t trust your wife, who can you trust? That’s the question Bernie poses today. He’s convinced his wife Cathy is a pathological liar and that she has cheated on him with numerous men. Though Cathy admits to telling “white lies” and one instance of infidelity, she says she feels entitled since Bernie is constantly putting her down. Expert Stacy Kaiser asked each of them to stop placing blame and put an end to the lying and name-calling. Video Clip: Bernie proposes a big change for the New Year.


Though Kevin and Kimberly have been married less than a year, Kimberly is ready to leave Kevin unless he makes a serious commitment to change. Constant phone calls from other women and incriminating photos have led her to believe Kevin is cheating. Kevin says that Kimberly has completely changed since meeting her and that she needs to lighten up. Expert Stacy Kaiser advised Kevin that he needs to start taking Kimberly’s grievances seriously if he wants to keep her.

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Special thanks to the following counselors for helping today's guests:
Rosemary Barreras, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist of Pembroke Pines, FL
Thomas Gilbertson, M.A., M.S.,
Marriage & Family Therapy of Knoxville, TN

Visit Stacy Kaiser's website at:

Advice Archive: Turning over a new leaf? Find out how to make and keep New Year’s resolutions!

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