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Tuesday, January 25

The New Controversy Over Black Men Dating White Women


Witness the heated debate about what exactly constitutes a “strong black man.”

Should color be a factor when it comes to finding true love? Many of today’s guests believe black men should embrace their heritage and exclusively seek out black women rather than white women. Others say that love is color-blind and race should be the least important factor in finding a mate. Learn more about their opinions below:


Krystle is highly opposed to black men dating outside their race, since in her experience there aren’t enough “good black men” to go around! She also says that “ghetto” types give black women as a whole a bad name and that it’s rare to find an available black man who doesn’t sell drugs. Victoria highly disagrees with Krystle’s stance. Currently engaged to a black man, Victoria says they chose each other based on compatibility and chemistry, which to them is more important than similar skin color.


Strawberri is so passionate about this topic that she’s devoting an entire book to it. She says that black men who prefer white women are filled with self-loathing and are motivated by fear. Ernest refutes Strawberri’s argument by saying he’s living proof that she’s wrong as an employed, educated, strong black male – who just happens to prefer white women. After years of dating black women, Ernest decided to go to “the other side” after he determined that they were too materialistic for his tastes. Video Clip: Witness the heated debate about what exactly constitutes a “strong black man.”


Despite living in a racist area of the South, Carlos and Amanda chose to get married against what the public might think. They say that their mutual admiration for each other transcends color and that those who disapprove of interracial relationships need to open their minds.


Jermaine and DeAndre couldn’t be on more opposite ends of the spectrum: DeAndre is a strong advocate for black exclusivity in dating, while Jermaine says he will never date another black woman again. For those who agree with him, Jermaine has even started a support group for those who date outside their race. DeAndre says men like Jermaine are misguided and have wrongly bought into the hype that white women are more attractive.

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