Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Better Life for Troubled Teen Girls

Having experimented with sex, alcohol, drugs and crime, the teens featured on today’s show are growing up too fast and their parents seek Larry’s help in making positive changes in their lives before it's too late. Learn more about their stories below:


Lisa says that she has reached her wits’ end with her daughter Cherisa, who has been sleeping around, stealing money and skipping school. When Cherisa invited two men over for sex while babysitting her younger sister, Lisa finally decided to kick Cherisa out of the house. Now that Cherisa is on her own, she says that she wants to change but feels she has no one to talk to since the death of her uncle with whom she was very close.

Both Lisa and Cherisa want to reconcile and mend their relationship but are having trouble letting go of their negative past. Show expert Dr. Mandel suggested that Lisa lead by example by making a decision to forgive and release the anger so that Cherisa can do the same.

Video Clip: Larry gives Cherisa some perspective with an inspiring story.


After being suspended from school 26 times and expelled for pushing her gym teacher – all before hitting the 10th grade – Megan is in danger of losing her chances at a decent education. Megan’s mom Kim and sister Allison say that she is defiant of all authority and that they are worried she will run away from home for good. Allison says she has tried everything, including tough love, but nothing seems to work. Megan admits that she refuses to listen to anyone, but defends herself by saying that her mother has not set a good example as a former drug addict. Dr. Mandel suggested that their family stop pointing the finger at each other and start practicing more empathy. Larry also provided Megan with help from the Community Nonviolence Resource Center, a conflict resolution and violence prevention program for youth.


As the author of “Bad Girl Confessions of a Teenage Delinquent,” Abigail Vona can relate to the teens on today’s show. As a teen, Abigail experimented with drugs, ran away from home and almost failed out of school. It was only after she was sent to an intense boot camp that she was able to turn her life around for the better.

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Bad Girl Confessions of a Teenage Delinquent
by Abigail Vona

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