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Tuesday, March 1

Can These Men Be Trusted?


Tensions reach a peak when Ernest pushes Nicole’s buttons.

When trust is broken early in a relationship, can the union ever recover from the blow? Today’s couples say that they’re on the brink of a break if they can’t resolve lingering betrayals. Find out more about their stories below:


At the genesis of Wayne and Leslie’s relationship, Wayne hid the fact that he was doing cocaine and sleeping with other women. Leslie feels misled because she never would’ve gotten together with him had she known the truth, but is too in love with him to leave now. Since their weddings, verbal abuse, cheating and lies are still prevalent issues for Leslie and Wayne. Guest expert Stacy Kaiser advised Wayne that though both he and Leslie have improvements to make, he must take the first steps to remedy the relationship since he set a deceptive tone from the start.


Steve and Merilee married late last year after a whirlwind online courtship, but the honeymoon period didn’t last very long. The day after a particularly nasty fight, Steve told Merilee that he was going to get the car washed – but instead disappeared for three weeks to stay at his ex-wife Tami’s house. After another occurrence of the same scenario, Merilee is convinced that he and Tami are still sleeping together, while Steve maintains that he’s just trying to see his kids. Stacy Kaiser suggested that Steve and Merilee start over with a clean slate and try to characterize their relationship with strength and not fear.


With a 12-year age difference to overcome, the relationship between Ernest and Nicole has only become more complicated with Ernest’s admitted cheating. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Ernest has six children with five different women and another possible love child on the way. Video Clip: Tensions reach a peak when Ernest pushes Nicole’s buttons. Larry advised Nicole that she is enabling Ernest’s behavior by staying with him and that she needs to grow up and make the decision whether to continue this relationship.

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