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Tuesday, March 8

Parents Concerned Over Their Promiscuous Teens' Behavior

The parents on today’s show feel that they’ve exhausted all options and outlets for guiding and disciplining their children to no avail. They seek Larry’s help in redirecting their children’s lives, which have spun out of control. Learn more about their stories below:


15-year-old Charlie has been suspended from school countless times and admits to having serious authority issues. His mother Suzanne says that Charlie is constantly physically and verbally abusing her and that no discipline techniques seem to stop his behavior. Their family has even moved to a new town to give Charlie a fresh start in school, but matters have not improved. As a means of much-needed help, Larry offered to send Charlie immediately to Spring Creek Lodge Academy, a “tough love” school in Montana.


From possession of weapon to sexual harassment to hate crimes, 13-year-old Taylor has already amassed a sizable record of bad behavior. However, Taylor says he knows where his acting out tendencies come from – watching his parents. He says that his parents’ physical fighting in the past and Tony’s corporal punishment have driven him to act violently. Pulling from his own past experience of being estranged from his father, Larry advised Taylor to let bygones be bygones and try to resolve his issues with his father to avoid complete estrangement in the future.


In this “Listen to Your Elder” segment, parents Bob and Linda expressed concern over their 27-year-old son Bobby, who is still living at home and is unemployed. Bobby says the main reason for staying at home is that he is concerned for Linda, whom he says has a drinking problem. He also says that the job market is so bad that two years of looking for employment have been fruitless. In Larry’s verdict, he advised that Bobby treat looking for a job as a job and spend eight hours a day doing whatever it takes to get one. He also suggested Linda start attending 12-step meetings to address her problem with alcohol.

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