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Tuesday, March 15

At Odds Over Corporal Punishment


See what happened when we put a video camera in the household.



Bobby’s tough discipline style stems from a traumatic childhood and abusive upbringing. While his wife Monir understands that Bobby is trying to change, she says his constant drinking and overbearing discipline style terrifies their three children and just may destroy their family. Video Clip: See what happened when we put a video camera in the household. At a rate of 40 beers per day, Bobby admits that his alcohol tendencies are the root of his behavior. To reach out to Bobby and his family, Larry consulted the Comeback Treatment Center, a rehabilitation facility in Anaheim, CA. Bobby will be attending a 60-day program free of charge as part of a generous offer from the center. Please stay posted to the show and the site for updates on this compelling story.


Norman and Trisha can’t find common ground when it comes to disciplining their two children. Trisha believes violence has no place in child-rearing while Norman thinks frequent spanking is the only way to teach kids what “no” means. Interestingly, Trisha and Norman believe the best way to resolve their conflict by boxing! Trisha says she physically comes between Norman and the kids when he starts to get rough and they then “take it outside.” Larry and expert Stacy Kaiser suggested that resolving conflict with violence sets a bad example for the children. Says Stacy, “The best way to teach kids respect is to show them respect.”

News Exclusive: Basketball Paddling Controversy

In a story ripped from the headlines, Larry spoke with Memphis-based basketball coach Ted Anderson about his recent firing. “Coach A” was let go when parent Joseph Watkins complained about Anderson’s paddling of his son for poor play during a game. While Anderson admits paddling during halftime was out of line, he says that he has been using corporal punishment for 30 years with no issues. Larry agreed that the firing was extreme and expressed his sympathy that Anderson was not given a warning to change his policy.

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Advice Archive: Setting a good example for the kids is important in teaching conflict resolution. Find out how to fight fair.