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Tuesday, March 22

"Blended Families in Crisis"

With 1300 new stepfamilies forming every single day, families around America are faced with the challenge of blending two units successfully. Issues regarding discipline, respect and existing family dynamics are often prevalent when parents remarry, and today’s guests are no exception. Learn more about their stories below:


Erin says her fiancé Wayne’s constant screaming at her children is making her want to scream. In contrast, Wayne believes that Erin is too lax with discipline and that she needs to enforce her rules more effectively. With a baby on the way, the couple wants to resolve their warring discipline styles and present a more cohesive front for all of their children. Complicating matters is Wayne’s admitted affair, which left Erin suspicious and vulnerable.

Guest expert Stacy Kaiser advised the couple that they must start with a clean slate, meaning that Erin must set out how Wayne will fit into her family’s existing rules and rituals.


12-year-old Amanda feels that her stepfather Casey’s entering her family has ruined her life. She says that Casey is constantly calling her names, driving away her friends and mocking her dreams of being a singer, while Casey counters by saying that Amanda avoids communicating with him and telling him what role she’d like him to play in her life. Amanda’s mother Tina feels caught in the middle and says that her relationships with both Casey and Amanda have suffered as a result of the feud.

Larry and guest expert Stacy Kaiser commended Amanda on her maturity, while advising all three parties that taking responsibility for their own parts will be crucial to fixing family issues.Quick Clicks

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Special thanks to Lynn Ranew of Odyssey Family Counseling in Mcdonough, GA, for providing counseling to today's guests. For more information, call 404-669-3462 or visit:

Special thanks to Laurie Mendez of Steppingstones To New Life in Palm Coast, FL, for providing counseling to today's guests. For more information, call 386-793-5000.

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