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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Feedback: Is Bill Cosby Right?

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On 9/16/04, we aired a show posing the question: “Is Bill Cosby Right?” Larry spoke with guests who took issue with Bill Cosby’s recent comments that some in the lower-economic communities are their own worst enemies. The show garnered so much buzz and viewer response that a follow-up show is in order. See why this topic has so many people talking:


41-year-old Henry Milner was enraged by Cosby’s comments and says that Cosby can’t talk negatively about the streets since he is not actively involved in the culture. Though Henry has five children by five different women, he says that he is invested in his kids’ well-being, despite being on disability and not able to support them. Though Cosby would likely refer to Henry as a prime example of his complaints about the way some in America parenting, Henry says that love is all you need and that he shows his kids ample amounts of love.


Nikita, mother of four, is another viewer who takes issue with Cosby’s assertions, particularly about African-American women who have a “revolving door of men.” Though Nikita’s children are all by different fathers, Nikita says she would never stay with anyone who inflicted harm on her or children. She is proud to be with Antoine, who is a willing guardian to her children and a positive role model. They also support the kids’ use of the “n”-word, saying that it helps them to fit in at school.


Rapper Large Pad appeared on the first “Is Cosby Right?” show to defend his rap music, which some allege glamorizes life in the “hood.” Today’s guest Alonzo grew up in the same area as Large Pad and says that contrary to what Large Pad says, it is not inevitable that you will get involved in drugs and/or gangs if you grow up in the hood. Like Larry, Alonzo believes that life is about choices, while Large Pad still maintains that he is only narrating what he sees in his surroundings. Alonzo implored Large Pad to re-consider his lyrics, saying that you cannot eradicate racism by promoting negativity.


Sisters Debbie and Noel are at opposite sides of the Cosby debate. Noel says that, although she has three children by three different men, she plays the role of both mother and father to her children. Debbie begs to differ, saying that Noel’s kids taunt each other about having different dads and that they need a steady male figure in their lives.


As a writer for publications such as the LA Times and USA Today, Jimi Izrael has cultivated some strong opinions on Cosby’s stance. Jimi says that as the “father to America,” Cosby has a responsibility to deliver his message in a less sensational manner and more positivity.

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