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Tuesday, April 12th

"Sisters at Odds"

For today’s guests, the seemingly trivial sibling rivalry of childhood has segued into serious adult dissension. They seek Larry’s help in overcoming the obstacles between them and repairing existing rifts. Learn more about their stories below:


Citing neglect and inability to provide, Melinda so strongly disapproves of her sister Trista’s parenting skills that she called Child Protective Services to turn her in. She thinks it’s time for Trista and her children to move out of their mother’s one-bedroom apartment. Trista says all she wants is for Melinda to back down and let her work on improving her own life. The controversy over Trista’s family has caused an almost irreparable rift between Trista and Melinda.

Guest expert Stacy Kaiser commended Trista on overcoming her addiction, but warned her that she is still living life like an addict. She also advised Melinda that her behavior is bordering on badgering and that she must take a different approach in helping Trista.


Ever since they shared a room as teenagers, sisters Trinija, Pamela and Angela have fought almost constantly. The most serious spats have taken place between Pamela and her sisters, who say they are tired of Pamela’s bad attitude and that it may even have caused their mother’s heart attack. Stacy Kaiser advised the sisters that they must make acting as a family unit and respecting their mother more important than “being right.”

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