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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

When Kids Are Caught in the Middle Between Battling Spouses


See what happened when Thomas hit a boiling point and walked offstage.

When parents just can’t get along, it takes a noticeable toll not only on their relationship but especially on their children. The parents on today’s show have a difficult time being civil to one another but recognize a need for change for the sake of their kids. Find out more about their stories below:


Even after seven years of separation, the pain of Marcus’ and April’s bitter divorce still has not eased. Marcus has made allegations of child abuse against April and the man she re-married, while April accuses Marcus of neglecting his parental duties over the years. Now Marcus is trying to gain full custody, which April refuses to permit. While both Marcus and April deny fighting in front of the children, they realize their feud may have a serious effect on the kids. Show expert Dr. Debra Mandel suggested that Marcus and April stop pointing the finger at each other and look inward for the solution.


Although still married, Trina says she may have to divorce Thomas if he can’t abandon his cheating ways. Thomas admits to cheating at least eight times, including visiting local brothels. Larry pointed out that it is not only their fighting that could potentially hurt the children, but also the fact that Trina is setting a bad example by staying with Thomas. Video Clip: See what happened when Thomas hit a boiling point and walked offstage. Thomas and Trina were able to reconcile onstage after Thomas’ exit and commit to trying to work things out.

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