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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Couples in Conflict

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Walter issues Penny a life-changing ultimatum.

Today’s couples are embroiled in conflicts that may be tearing their marriages apart. Learn more about their stories below:

Can ambition come between “’Til Death Do Us Part?” For Bryan and Ta’tanaisha, it might. For eight years, Bryan has been striving to be a music producer with little luck, and Ta’tanaisha is tired of the financial and emotional strains that it puts on her and their family. She says that she needs Bryan to contribute more with housework and cut down on the club-hopping. To help resolve the conflict, Larry suggested that they spend more time together and work on solving their problems through a weekly date night.


Penny and Walter are caught in a heart-breaking conflict: Walter is threatening to leave Penny if she doesn’t undergo surgery to get her tubes untied. Though Walter has willingly raised Penny’s three children from another father, he wants a biological child of his own and is willing to leave the family if need be to do so. Larry pointed out that Walter is a situation many men yearn for: kids who embrace him as a stepfather and a family full of love. Walter does recognize this but still feels the need to father a child; stay posted to our Guest Updates section to see what happens with this compelling story.


Eric’s military homecoming from Iraq should’ve been a joyous one, which it was – but only briefly. His wife Jodi says that shortly after Eric’s return, he started frequenting clubs and strip bars with his friends and neglecting her. Eric admits going out a lot but also says that Jodi hurt him by not being more emotional when he left for duty.

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