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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Larry Mediates Heated Disputes


Andre and Nicole stand their individual ground – can they reach a compromise?


Nicole gives Andre a hard time because she believes that he sets a bad example for their two children with his dress and demeanor. Despite their breakup, Nicole still wants Andre present in the children’s lives – but not without a change. Specifically, Nicole has a problem with Andre’s hip-hop mannerisms, wild Afro and urban clothing style. While Larry at first sided with Nicole, he then advised her to lighten up after hearing both sides, while also urging Andre to tone his approach down just a bit.


Kim’s mother Judy feels helpless because she has tried everything in her power to convince Kim to leave her abusive boyfriend. Despite her mom’s pleas, Kim insists she is not in a toxic relationship and that the thought of being alone to raise her three kids is terrifying. She does admit that he has been physically harmful to her in the past, but says that she consciously tries not to anger him so as to avoid a repeat incident. Larry told Judy that, as hard as it may be to watch, Kim cannot be forced to leave against her will but also warned Kim that she should be prepared to do so if things worsen.


After Dr. Terry Sanderfer’s appearance on a previous show, several of his patients contacted Larry to share their own experiences with gastric bypass surgery under Dr. Sanderfer’s care. Henrietta and Kim wanted to confront Dr. Sanderfer on the basis that he performed outdated surgery that left Henrietta with malabsorption and Kim in a convalescent hospital learning to walk again. Conversely, Noble had an extremely positive experience with Dr. Sanderfer and says that he feels healthier than ever after his surgery. Dr. Sanderfer maintains that both Henrietta and Kim were made aware of the possible side effects but offered them free after-care to rectify the situation.

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