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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

“A Discussion Of Social Issues Facing Voters”

Election day has arrived and, this year, the voting frenzy has reached a fevered pitch. Issues such as the Iraq War, stem cell research and health care have citizens visiting the polls in record numbers to vote for their candidate of choice. Today Larry and his guests discuss several hot topics that are pertinent in today’s election. Read more about their opinions below:

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Larry sits Freddy down for a heart-to-heart.


One might assume Nita and Sharon both support the Iraq War as mothers of men in the military. In reality, Nita is strongly opposed to the war and believes that Bush misled Americans about his true reasons for going to Iraq. She maintains that she supports her sons’ military involvement but not on Bush’s agenda. Sharon says that she is appalled at Nina’s stance and is disgusted by war protestors. As a military mother, Sharon expects more loyalty from her fellow brethren.


Since September 11, 2001, airports and other public arenas have heightened security measures to combat terrorism. As part of the new security regime, racial profiling has been used to isolate possible Muslim terrorists. Today’s guest Miko says that he is an Arab-American citizen whose life has been turned upside down by said racial profiling. His house has been bombed, his car vandalized and his privacy violated. Miko believes that he deserves to be targeted just because of his heritage when he has grown up as an American citizen. Newspaper journalist Hussein agrees that profiling is unconstitutional and ineffective and believes all citizens should be held to the same security standards. Debbie, a columnist and attorney, believes the opposite: that not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are Muslim. She believes racial profiling is warranted if it can help prevent future attacks.


The topic of sex education has been a hot button for Larry and his guests since the premiere of the show. Today Larry revisits the topic to discuss a new policy in Holyoke, MA, which permits the distribution of condoms to middle-schoolers. Jonathan Allyn, treasurer for the city of Holyoke, helped to pass the new policy and feels that it will help reduce the current teen pregnancy epidemic in the city.

Fellow city councilman Lillian sides with Jonathan on providing contraceptives to high school students but is strongly against access for middle-schoolers. She feels the parents of the community should have had more of a say in the matter. Video: Click here to see the debate between Jonathan, Larry and Lillian.

Susan, a loyal “Larry” viewer, contacted the show after the previous Sex Education debate, in which a student detailed how her teacher asked her to put a condom in her mouth. Susan was outraged and wanted to share her own views on sex education. She sides with Larry in that sex education belongs in the home, not in public schools.

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