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Tuesday, November 9, 2004

“Couples Recovering From a Spouse’s Deception”

Without the basic foundations of trust and honesty, it is impossible for a couple to live in harmony. Today’s guests say their relationships were turned upside down after their partner committed a major breach of trust. Can their relationships be saved? Learn more about their stories below:

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Sean and Heather moved in together just three short weeks after meeting over the phone. Sean says it wasn’t long before Heather started cheating on him, but after he tricked a confession out of her six months ago, he was convinced her cheating had subsided. Not the case – Heather admitted to Sean on the show that she is indeed still cheating because she feels that Sean does not pay enough attention to her. Larry urged Heather to stop blaming Sean for her actions and take responsibility.


Until a month ago, Jeremy says he thought he had “the perfect marriage.” Now he suspects his wife Melissa of cheating with their next-door neighbor, which he considers the ultimate betrayal. Melissa denies cheating but does admit she is dissatisfied. She wants Jeremy to spend more time with her and the kids, since much of Jeremy’s time is consumed by classes and supporting the family. When asked about her feelings for Jeremy, Melissa says she loves him but is not “in love with him.” Meanwhile, Jeremy is racked with concern and regret over why Melissa may be straying. Larry’s advice to Jeremy was to stop putting himself at fault for Melissa’s possible infidelity.

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