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Wednesday, April 20th

"Disowned Because of the Race They Date"

Most citizens would say that our society has come far in terms of racial acceptance, but today’s guests would disagree with that assertion. They say that their families and peers look down on them for dating outside their race and that it’s time for everyone to adopt more progressive thinking. Learn more about their stories below:


Perry’s and Betty’s worst nightmares have come true for their daughter Missy – she prefers to date black men. They say they raised her to believe that blacks and whites shouldn’t mix romantically, but that their rearing didn’t do any good when Missy ended up leaving her white ex-husband for a black man. Though Missy is now single and again living with her parents, Betty and Perry say if she elects to date another black man that Missy will be shown the door. Larry implored the couple to stop making blanket judgments for an entire race and consider getting to know each of Missy’s love interests as individuals.


After two years of dating, Jermaine and Kristen say that society’s mores have taken a toll on their relationship. Adding fuel to the fire is the disapproval of both of their families and Jermaine’s contention that he was imprisoned for statutory rape strictly because of his race. However, they both hope to rise above the daily challenges their relationship faces and stay together.

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