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Wednesday, November 24

“Viewers Confront Larry About His Views on Race”


Larry explains his refusal to apologize.

Today’s guests are faithful viewers who have watched Larry’s shows dealing with racism and want to confront him based on his opinions. Find out what transpired below:


Alisha is a former guest who appeared on “Raising Kids to Be Racist” on November 4th, 2004. On the show, Larry and Alisha debated her decision to teach her son to despise and distrust white people. Viewers Sabrina and Laquisa took issue with Larry for his interaction with Alisha on that show, saying he treated Alisha unfairly and owes her an apology. Video Clip: Larry explains his refusal to apologize.


A loyal viewer, Ray has come to the conclusion that Larry is an “Uncle Tom.” He believes that Larry’s opinions are clouded by his success and that he is not in touch with the black community. Venita also feels that Larry has failed to listen to the black community, particular former guests Large Pad and Fat Tone. She believes that Larry judged these young rappers without listening to their real-life plights.


When Rajeeyah saw Debbie on the show “Why Shouldn’t We Use Racial Profiling?” she was so disturbed that she immediately wrote to Larry in hopes of confronting Debbie. Rajeeyah says Debbie’s support of racial profiling is striking even more terrorist fear in the already vulnerable American psyche. As a Muslim, Rajeeyah is offended by Debbie’s tendency to make generalizations about all Muslims based on the actions of a few.

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