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Wednesday, December 8

“Viewers Come Face to Face with Past Guests”


Maurice gives Jesse a piece of his mind.

As a show that tackles relevant and edgy topics, “The Larry Elder Show” has featured its share of controversial guests. When the following guests first appeared on the show, scores of emails and calls came in from viewers looking to confront them about their views and situations. Today’s show gave them the forum to do just that. Learn more below:

Ryan, Julie-Ann, Donna, Will, Charlie & Paula

When Will and Donna appeared on the “Grow Up and Get Out” episode, many viewers were taken aback by Will’s apparent apathy and reluctance to leave the nest. Since they first came to the show, things haven’t changed much. Though Will is starting to look for a job, his mother Donna says he doesn’t look like he’ll be moving out any time soon. Will’s brother Charlie and his wife Paula have taken Will in several times and are fed up with his immaturity. They say that Donna is enabling him and she should stop blaming herself for Will’s issues.

Viewer Julie-Ann says she was compelled to write when she saw Will on the show. She believes that Will is making excuses and has to start taking life seriously. As someone who has overcome much adversity in his life, former guest Ryan agrees with Julie and implored Will to make a commitment to improvement. To give Will an incentive, Ryan offered to mentor Will every day until his life is on the right track.


During his first show appearance, Jesse Lee Peterson caused quite a stir with viewers by saying that he would never hire someone with a “black”-sounding name. Viewer Mystique was outraged and says she can’t believe such a well-educated man can spout such ignorant views. As a white woman with a supposed “black name,” Mystique feels that it’s completely asinine to judge people by their names and not their abilities when it comes to the workplace. Maurice also disagrees with Jesse, saying that people like him hold back African-Americans as a whole. Video Clip: Maurice gives Jesse a piece of his mind.


Brandy Stokes first appeared on “Is it Discrimination or Not?” Her story of discrimination in the South Carolina education system touched a nerve with many viewers, including Cesalie and Rochell. Rochell feels that Brandy should’ve researched the school environment better before accepting the job, while Cesalie says that black students have good reason to distrust white teachers. Viewer Karen disagrees with Rochell and Cesalie and says that, like Brandi, she experienced a similar situation in the same school district.

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