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Wednesday, December 22

Help Get My Family Member Get Out of a Bad Relationship

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Shanell and Tim talk it out

The family members on today’s show refuse to stand by silently while their loved ones carry on relationships with troublesome men. After all, stories like Laci Peterson’s and Lori Hacking’s serve as cautionary tales for families who weren’t aware of danger until it was too late. But at what point should the family’s involvement stop and personal responsibility begin? Join Larry as we explore their stories below:


Elaina says she is in a frustrating situation: her sister Shanell is constantly calling her to complain about her husband Tim, but refuses to take Elaina’s advice to leave him. Though Tim cheated on Shanell just 30 days into their marriage, he says his cheating days are long gone, which both Shanell and Elaina have a difficult time believing. Shanell says she is dedicated to working out their problems, especially since they have a young son to raise. Dr. Yvonne Thomas met with the couple, saying that although Elaina is well-intentioned, she will need to back off so that Shanell and Tim can find peace on their own.

Video Clip: Shanell and Tim talk it out.


What would you do if your daughter was about to have a baby and the baby’s father was homeless and jobless? Connie found herself in that predicament when her daughter Yvette became pregnant by her boyfriend John. Connie says that John is not only a freeloader but that he is jealous and controlling, which worries her for the welfare of Yvette and her unborn child. John insists he is capable of supporting their soon-to-be family and that Connie is wrong about him.


32-year-old Melinda became a mother at a young age and says she is terrified her 14-year-old daughter Nicole is about to repeat her mistakes. Nicole is dating 23-year-old Jay and recently miscarried his child, but says that she hopes to have another baby with him. Though Jay and Nicole profess to be in love, Melinda is disgusted that Jay would have sex with a minor and is trying to convince Nicole to testify against him.

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