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Wednesday, January 26

Get My Teen Out of a Bad Relationship


Jose defends himself for getting physically violent with Norma.

The parents on today’s show feel helpless because their teen daughters are in what they consider to be toxic relationships with older men. They fear that their children may head down a dangerous romantic path without Larry’s intervention. See what transpired below:


Katie’s mother Pam feels she was tricked into approving of 26-year-old Tyler’s and 17-year-old Katie’s relationship since for a long time they insisted they were “just friends.” Now Pam is faced with the fact that Tyler and Katie are seriously involved and wants to put an end to it. She believes that Tyler is the wrong person for Katie, pointing to evidence that he may have cheated on his ex-wife and is also the father of three young girls. Expert Dr. Roger Rhoades advised Katie that she should trust her mother’s judgment and stop being in such a hurry to grow up. He also warned Tyler that he could be charged with committing statutory rape and that he needs to focus more on fathering his children.


17-year-old Mia feels she is stuck in the middle of the two people she loves most: her mother Norma and her boyfriend Jose. Norma had opened her home to Jose after he agreed to help raise Mia’s son by another man. Though Norma and Jose got along famously in the past, they now have a contentious relationship based on several fights that went too far. Video Clip: Jose defends himself for getting physically violent with Norma. Larry and Dr. Rhoades expressed concern at Jose’s violent tendencies and advised Mia that she stop using their son as a pawn in her relationship with Norma.

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Special thanks to the following for providing counseling for today’s guests:

Carousel Live (McPherson, KS)

Kathleen Baker, LCSW (Tampa, FL)