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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Couples in Financial Ruins

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See Norman's defense and Larry's reaction.

Money is the cause of some of the biggest fights and the most stressful situations that a marriage can face. A recent study at the University of Denver found that couples fight about money more than any other issue. With statistics that show that 40% of U.S. families spend more money than they earn, it’s clear that many couples are likely suffering from financial and relationship stress. Today’s guests are on the verge of divorce because of their differing approaches to managing the family budget. Find out more below:


Financial difficulties forced Terry and David to separate four years ago, and now they say their intense arguments over money are close to tearing apart their marriage for the second time. David regrets letting Terry take over the bill payments, while Terry doesn’t trust David to take care of it on his own. They also admit to spending too many dollars on frivolous items like DVDs and video games for their four children.


Tyres’ position in the military has stationed her in Vancouver, WA, while Norman resides on the opposite side of the country in Washington, D.C. While Norman tries to kickstart his flailing clothing business, Tyres is forced to work two jobs to support Norman and the rest of their family. Tyres says that Norman needs to step up and find a job with more income so that he can contribute to their joint finances or she just may leave the marriage. See Norman’s defense and Larry’s reaction in this video clip.

Financial expert Dr. Audrey Reed agreed to work with both couples after the show and suggested some simple solutions to cutting down their spending. Stay posted to our Guest Updates section for updates on both stories.

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