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Wednesday, February 9

Larry Talks To Real Life ‘Mean Girls’


Larry points out that unconfirmed hearsay is at the heart of this problem.

Did you know that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students? Bullying is an all-too-prevalent issue in today’s schools that can sometimes lead to dangerous violence. Today’s guests want to stop the bullying in their own lives before it’s too late. Learn their stories below:


Though these two were friends once upon a time, Tiffanie says that Shaniqua’s bullying now makes her scared to even attend school. Shaniqua says that she considered their friendship over when she heard that Tiffanie and her mother Catrina were making racial slurs against her. However, she and her mother Tonya insist that Shaniqua hasn’t done anything wrong. Video Clip: Larry points out that unconfirmed hearsay is at the heart of this problem.


Color differences have caused Kia’s and Akeira’s true colors to shine through. Each girl says the other harasses her based on her heritage (Kia is African-American, while Akeira is bi-racial). Complicating matters is the fact that Kia is friends with Akeira’s little sister Lauren. After mediation from Larry, the girls agreed to stop the name-calling and shook hands.Izzy Kalman
Bullying expert Izzy Kalman offered advice to today’s families, urging the bullied girls to adopt an indifferent attitude. Kalman added that “the only person who can stop you from being a victim is you” and reminded the girls that they are all in control of their feelings.

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