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Wednesday, February 16

Lack of Intimacy Tearing Apart Relationships


Will Courtney and Lisa ever see eye-to-eye?

Today’s couples are facing a lack of intimacy and romance and are hoping to rekindle their relationships with Larry’s help. Find out what happened below:


Lisa and Courtney are at a relationship standoff: she wants him to initiate intimacy, but he won’t for fear of rejection. Since having children, Courtney has put on a few pounds and says his confidence has plummeted as a result. He wants Lisa to reaffirm his attractiveness rather than constantly coming down on him for not approaching her sexually. Video Clip: Will Courtney and Lisa ever see eye-to-eye? Larry and guest expert Stacy Kaiser advised Lisa that her pleading with Courtney to “be a man” is actually emasculating him. They also told Courtney that the best way to regain self-esteem is to face his fears about being intimate with Lisa.


Work demands and communication gaps have driven a wedge in this couple’s physical desire for each other. Robyn feels neglected and wishes Mike would be a better listener, while Mike feels he puts in the effort to no avail. The last straw for Robyn was her weight loss of more than 150 pounds, which she feels went virtually unnoticed by Mike. The couple hasn’t had sex in eight months and is currently sleeping in separate beds. Larry and Stacy Kaiser counseled the couple, saying that showing affection is a great way to demonstrate a healthy relationship to their children and that sharing a bed is the first step to doing so.

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