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Wednesday, February 23

Held Hostage By My Teen


Dr. Roger Rhoades tries to mediate the rift between mother and daughter.

The mothers on today’s show feel that they’ve lost control of their homes to out-of-control daughters. They hope to address the anger emanating from their teens and curb the behavior that is tearing apart their families. Learn more about their stories below:


Becky’s painful past has made for Janine’s painful present. 16-year-old Becky willfully admits to verbally harassing and even striking her mom, but defends her behavior as retribution for Janine’s past infidelity and party tendencies. Though currently living with Janine, Becky believes she would be much happier in her father’s custody. She feels that her mother is only keeping her because of the child support money she receives as a result. Video Clip: Dr. Roger Rhoades tries to mediate the rift between mother and daughter.


At just 13, Shanay is sexually active and partaking in drugs and alcohol. Her mother Indria is at her wit’s end trying to discipline Shanay and even landed behind bars after being reported for corporal punishment. Indria says she wants Shanay to realize her potential and doesn’t want to “lose her daughter to the streets.”

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