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Wednesday, March 2

Controlling Husbands


Larry gives John a harsh reality check on his bad behavior.

The women on today’s show say they’re sick of being treated like slaves and they’re not going to take it anymore! Learn how more about these badly behaving husbands and their wives below:


To Judy, “Sleeping with the Enemy” isn’t just a pop culture reference – it’s her reality. Judy says she literally feels like her husband John is against her and that he has robbed her of her dignity, funds and lifestyle. She also feels like John blames her for everything that has gone wrong in his life, including losing his job, all the while ruining her own workplace reputation. Video Clip: Larry gives John a harsh reality check on his bad behavior. Larry advised Judy that she must place John on “moral probation,” only to be revoked when he begins to treat her decently in words and actions.


From high school sweethearts to estranged fiancés, Rolshall’s and Amber’s relationship has taken a turn for the worse. Amber says she often feels like a prisoner in her own home as a result of Rolshall’s controlling ways. While Rolshall admits to keeping tabs, he feels justified in his suspicions because of Amber’s friendship with her ex-husband. However, Amber insists that nothing is going on and feels her word should be enough for Rolshall to accept as truth, Larry suggested to Rolshall that unless he works on becoming less insecure, Amber may adopt his attitude that he is not worthy of being with her.


In September, Pamela reached a breaking point and filed for divorce from Tim, her husband of eight years. To get a divorce lawyer, Pamela had to front a high-interest cash advance of $4,000, but she felt it was worth it to escape Tim’s emotionally abusive and controlling behavior. Tim explains his hurtful comments about Pamela’s appearance as his way of trying to control her so she won’t “find someone better.” Larry commended Pamela on having the strength to leave Tim and encouraged her to keep her distance if he does not show improvement.

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