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Wednesday, March 16

Fathers Who Reject Daughters Because Of Their Husband’s Race


Mandy makes a confession that may change the way Darline views Josh.

Did you know that the FBI recently reported 70 current investigations of threats to prominent interracial couples? Though the number of interracial relationships in our country is increasing, intolerance still exists among those who don’t accept the mixing of different races. Today’s guests desperately want their family members to accept their mates – find out what happened below:


Before today’s show, Stacy’s father Johnny and husband Jason had never met face-to-face. Why? Johnny is vehemently against interracial marriage and says he can’t be involved in Stacy’s life if Jason is a part of it. Stacy is dismayed that her formerly close relationship with her father has disintegrated, but has made it clear that she cherishes and values Jason. Larry acknowledged that it is unlikely that Johnny will change his outlook overnight, but urged Johnny to simply consider putting his prejudices aside and embracing his daughter’s choice.


Though Darline insists she isn’t racist, she admits that she strongly disapproves of her daughter Mandy’s relationship with Josh and even tried sending Mandy to live with her grandmother in an attempt to separate the two. Mandy and Josh say they now need to sneak around in order to spend time together. Video Clip: Mandy makes a confession that may change the way Darline views Josh. Guest expert Dr. Roger Rhoades advised Darline that she is sending mixed messages by claiming she isn’t racist and forbidding Mandy from interracial romance. In order to be part of her daughter Mandy’s future, Darline needs to support Mandy and Josh.


Since appearing on the “Couples In Conflict Over the In-Laws” show in November 2004, David and Sabrina say their relationship has fallen apart and are in the midst of a divorce despite several attempts at counseling. After the tension worsened with David’s parents, Sabrina decided she could no longer overlook their racist tendencies.

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