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Wednesday, March 30

"Working Moms vs. Stay-At-Home Moms"

Newsweek recently broached the hot topic of women choosing between having a career and staying home with the kids with its feature, “The Myth of the Perfect Mother.” Today’s guests reside on both sides of the spectrum and talk with Larry today about their views. Learn more about the debate below:


Stay-at-home moms Rae and Kristi say being a full-time mother gives their family invaluable benefits, while working mothers Dawn and Ribka maintain they can hold fulfilling careers while staying involved with their children’s lives. Rae believes many of today’s societal issues stem from parents entering the workplace, and Kristi adds that her children are more likely to be good citizens and students under her 24/7 care. However, Dawn and Ribka say that their balanced lives are preferable and that neither of them feel like “less than a mother” for their choices.



Toni and Joey are married and childless by choice. They made a pact years ago that they would never have children and have even joined No Kidding, a social and support group for childless couples. Toni says that she has never felt the drive to be a mother and that it would be unfair to have children unless she was willing to give 100% to them. Currently, the couple is exploring vasectomy options.

Chris, a mother of five, completely disagrees with their approach and even goes as far as calling Toni and Joey selfish. She believes that a life without children is empty and that humans have a duty to procreate.

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