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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Listen to Your Elder


See Larry confront Bernard.

Family conflict can often become mired in drama and history; often it requires an objective third-party to find resolution. Enter Larry’s “Listen to Your Elder” show. The families on today’s show are seeking help in finding solutions to the problems plaguing their family. Find out what transpired below:


At what point does being parented stop and independence begin? Veronica is hoping her pregnant daughter Deanna reaches that point very soon, as Veronica is set to relocate for her job to a different state and Deanna will be left to fend for herself. Though Veronica cares deeply for Deanna, she feels that her financial support has gone on too long and that it’s time to cut the apron strings. Yet Veronica’s sister Carmen is imploring her to stay and turn down the job; if not, Carmen fears she may have to take Deanna in, a situation Carmen is not prepared for.

Larry’s Take: Though it may be hard for Veronica to leave without guilt, Larry believes she should take the job. He adds that Deanna needs to embrace her responsibilities as an adult and her decision to have a baby.


Torn between her two children, Kim has had it with her 15-year-old son Bernard bullying her daughter Shayla. Kim says that while Shayla has some anger problems and asks for a lot of attention from Bernard, it doesn’t excuse Bernard’s response of physical fighting and verbal insults. Video Clip: Bernard makes a shocking revelation about how he treats Shayla. Bernard defends his behavior by saying that he is simply trying to discipline her when she acts out.

Larry’s Take: “Memo to Bernard: You’re not a parent.” Larry believes Bernard should leave the discipline to Kim and needs to remember that Shayla is only five years old and treat her as such. He also advocates Kim taking a stricter parenting approach.


10-year-old Alex says that his 11-year-old cousin Devin has been bullying him for as long as he can remember. Alex’s mother Shannon is fed up and says that whenever Devin comes over, “pure chaos” ensues. Devin’s parents Nancy and Shane are aware of the problem but say that their differing parenting styles have unintentionally confused Devin and furthered his behavior.

Larry’s Take: Larry recommends that Nancy and Shane synchronize and toughen their discipline approach so that Devin will have a clear picture of what is expected.

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