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Wednesday, April 13th

"Where Do We Go From Here?"

Lack of communication and trust issues have driven a wedge in the relationships of today’s guests. Both couples say that though things have gone downhill, they’re reluctant to completely break it off. Find out more about their stories below:

Instances of infidelity on both sides of the relationship have put a major dent in the trust between Harry and Erica. After six years of marriage, the couple is thinking of calling it quits but wants to give it one last shot. On Erica’s end, she wishes Harry would display more affection and romance her as he once did, while Harry wants Erica to ease up on what he feels is constant nagging. Guest expert Stacy Kaiser acknowledged that she senses there is hope for the relationship, but each partner must focus more on meeting the other’s needs.


To stay together or not? That is the question Rob and Melissa are asking themselves. Though Melissa moved out a year ago, the two have continued a physical relationship but are now at a crossroads. Melissa says that Rob’s hurtful comments about her appearance and temper have driven her away, while Rob says he is taking active steps to improve by going through anger management classes. Larry advised Melissa that she must make a decision and stick with it rather than sending Rob mixed signals.

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Special thanks to Phil Moore, MA, who offered marriage counseling for today's guests. For more information about counseling in the Temecula, California area, call (951) 699-3169.

Special thanks to Bob Weichman, LMFT, of Family, Marriage and Assessment Counseling, LLC in Tacoma, WA, who provided family counseling and family marriage assessment for today's guests.

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